Mirabai Chanu’s Treat for Truckers Who Helped Her Travel for Training

Being grateful for those who helped us through challenging times is among the most magnificent emotions, as it reminds us all to be grateful and blessed. Those who helped Mirabai Chanu achieve her dream are now being thanked by the athlete who brought it to fruition. Chanu made history by lifting 202 kilograms in the 49 kg weightlifting tournament.

Apart from this achievement, Chanu is in the news these days because of her big heart and great deed. Let us know about it in detail.

Mirabai Chanu's Treat for Truckers Who Helped Her Travel for Training

Chanu’s Journey –

Chanu, as you may be aware, did not have an easy time with it. In Manipur, her village of Nongpok Kakching in Imphal was about 30 km away, and public transportation was difficult to find. Belonging to an underprivileged background, private transportation was out of the question. Consequently, she used this to catch a ride with truckers who were transporting sand to Imphal.

Mirabai Chanu was regularly picked up by these truck drivers for free.

Chanu’s Gratitude –

Chanu managed to track down the Good Samaritans and thanked them for their support. Around 150 truckers and helpers were given shirts, Manipuri scarves, and full-course meals, according to an NDTV report. During her thank-you speech to truck drivers, she broke down in tears.

Upon meeting the drivers, Mirabai was overcome with emotion and tears of gratitude. Weightlifting would not be possible if it weren’t for truck drivers who assisted her to get to and from training.

The Ray of Hope –

Everyone in India, whether they admit it or not, has at least one question on their mind: Why is a young girl in India regularly taking rides from truck drivers? With girls, this is something that most families would not promote or support. As a result, Meitei’s’ matriarchy is not just PC but also a genuine part of Manipuri cultural identity and some northeastern states’ cultures. To be upset about your daughter riding on trucks hauling sand wasn’t an impediment.

But now Mirabai Chanu has given a ray of hope to the entire society to boost the morale of daughters as well as their parents in the Indian society.

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