Tokyo Olympics: Gurpreet Singh pulls out of 50km race walk event due to cramps

Gurpreet Singh representing India in a 50km race walk fails to compete and pulls out of the race after reaching the 35km mark due to cramps. This is saddening as we know that these players wait for a total of 4 years to take part in Olympics and having to take back home just regrets highly depresses them. The cramps were caused due to the humid and hot conditions in Sapporo Odori park, Tokyo on the day of the competition. However this Indian athlete scored the 51st rank at the 35km rank after which he pulled out, with no chances of catching up the race. 37 year old Gurpreet Singh was observed to stand among one of the lowest ranked athlete in Tokyo Olympics. The race walk competition went on for about 2 hours 55 minutes and 19 seconds up to the 35km mark.

Tokyo Olympics: Gurpreet Singh pulls out of 50km race walk event due to cramps

So due to the cramps, we observed Gurpreet Singh significantly slowing down as he reached the 35km mark as he was seen on the sidelines seeking help from the medical team but didn’t seem much in trouble. It seemed more like the 37 year old athlete had given up easily on this one. However Gurpreet Singh has a personal best record of completing the race walk within 3 hours 59 minutes and 42 seconds while competing in the National Open Race Walk Championship, where he had won a gold medal back in February.  

The cramps can be blamed on the temperature of Sapporo Odori Park, Tokyo as the temperature when the game initially started was around 25 degree Celsius at 5:30am and eventually increased to 30 degree Celsius by 9:00am. The level of humidity was too high as it reached to around 80 per cent. The gold medalist of race walk in this year’s Olympics was Dawid Tomala of Poland with a time of 3:50:08

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